About This Blog

My intent for this blog is to combine two of my passions, philosophy and software testing.  The former is a hobby and the latter my profession.  For about the first decade of my career as a software tester I had regarded these two subjects as unrelated and never the twain would meet. This all changed a couple of years ago. When I discovered these context-driven folks, I suddenly got an epiphany that perhaps my interest in philosophy and my attraction to work in software testing was not a mere coincidence. Ideas presented by James Bach and others got me to see connections that I hadn’t before. Many of the problems I had been dealing with in philosophy, such as valid arguments vs. fallacious ones, deductive reasoning, and the varying degrees of certainty that arguments can have (and the criteria by which we determine these degrees), this all seemed to suddenly apply to software testing equally. Actually, what was really going on was that I had already known these connections existed at some intuitive level, but it was listening to others enunciate them eloquently that helped me to finally make them explicit. As one of my favorite authors put it, “The more transcendental is your patriotism, the more practical are your politics.” (G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy). Well, one of the end products of this journey is (or hopefully will be anyway) this blog. If you should find it interesting, I would welcome your thoughts and hearing about any similar journeys.